Micah Sunom Daniel is currently a Statistician in the ICT and Data Management unit of KADRIMA.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Kaduna State University and a Masters’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Ilorin, specializing in Optimization.

Micah has a keen interest in technology, particularly in the field of data science, operations research, and artificial intelligence.

He is one of the pioneer fellows of the Click-onKaduna Data Science Fellowship program in 2021.

Micah’s professional journey includes valuable working experiences that have enhanced his data expertise. As a volunteer virtual researcher with Oliversarah Group, he significantly contributed to the success of the MDAs e-governance performance index survey in 2018. He also served as a Junior Data Analyst at Natview Foundation for Technology Innovation, collaborating with cross-functional teams to design and implement efficient data pipelines that aligned with the analytics needs and data objectives of various MDAs in Kaduna State.

Furthermore, Micah’s passion for sharing knowledge led him to work as a data science co-instructor in the Click-onKaduna Data Science Fellowship 2.0 program.

Prior to his current role at KADRIMA, he has also gained valuable experience as a Data Scientist at Krocs Analytica.

Micah is constantly exploring how his discipline, passion, and experience can be applied to improve people’s lives as he actively engages in using data to solve real-world problems that make a positive impact on society.

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