This is part of the Agency’s efforts for the continuous up-skilling of its staff and identification of staff training needs, the objective being to ensure the staff capacity is up to date in the global digital competitive environment.

The training was facilitated by Natview Foundation For Technology Initiative with support from Gates Foundation and Rockerfella Philanthropy Advisors.


The training focused on various aspects such as Advanced Excel classes for staff members of the Agency. The participants were equipped with essential skills in data management to boost their productivity and contribute effectively to the organizational goals of the agency seeing that Excel is a crucial tool for Data Analysis, Reporting, and Decision-making in today’s digital era. To bridge the skills gap among the KADRIMA employees, The Trainers implemented a comprehensive training programme that also covered programming languages like Python and R. Participants learned about data pipelining, advanced formulas, data manipulation, pivot tables, and macros for automation. The course structure was tailored to meet the diverse needs of the agency, ensuring every participant was fully engaged.

By providing these corporate employees with knowledge of Excel and programming languages, they have been empowered with improved competency, productivity, & problem-solving skills which will enable them to achieve their mandate of creating a reliable database of all residents of Kaduna State and provide relevant data for effective governance.


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