On Wednesday, May 10, 2024, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, in collaboration with the Kaduna State Residents Identity Management Agency and the Kaduna State Pensions Bureau, held a training session to herald the launch of the new Pensioners Verification App.

The session, which was held to equip the personnel with the required knowledge to begin the use of the newly developed application, which is aimed at digitalizing and simplifying the process of identification and verification of pensioners, was held at the KADRIMA head office in Kaduna State and was attended by staff members of KADRIMA and Kaduna State Pensions Bureau. The application is designed as a more efficient alternative to the physical verification exercise that pensioners have to engage in every 90 days.

The session featured training for enrolment officers, taking them through the practical process of using the application with steps that gave an adequate explanation of what is required. There was also a session for the administrators, which took attendees through the Administrators’ manual and demonstrated to them how to navigate the interface of the application, Data Management, feedback and Improvement, technical complexities and administrative concerns.

Mr. Muhammed Jibrin Bamalli, The Acting Executive secretary, expressed the Agency’s determination, stating that the ‘training is a crucial step towards KADRIMA’S mission of improving service delivery through technology.’

Head of the Pension Bureau, Ms. Salamatu Isah, also expressed gratitude to UNECA for its support and commended the commitment of KADRIMA to the project, as she looked forward to the positive change that the application will bring to pensioners.

Finally, Ms Dobrina Poirer, Economic Affairs Officer from UNECA, reiterated that ‘UNECA is proud to see the project being actualized and commended the Pension bureau and KADRIMA for being instrumental in advancing and showcasing how digital IDs can transform public service delivery.’

KADRIMA, under the auspices of the Kaduna State Government, hopes to continually work with the Pension Bureau to guarantee the complete implementation of the Pensioner Verification app, thereby, advancing the cause of digital transformation in public service.


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